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Wednesday, March 5th, 2008
10:57 pm
So where do we stand?
Yeah, I ask myself that, and ask where *we* are going. We are the ordinary working people, in the developing world, and in the industrial nations. We seek a better life for our children wherever we live, whatever language we speak. And yet how are we to achieve this?

There are those who tell us that what threatens us are foreigners 'coming here and taking our jobs'. We maintain that we are citizens of the world, that we have more in common with our fellow workers than with the mega rich people who run the corporations and the media.

We are called upon to support our governments and our countries. We prefer to lead our countries and our elected representatives. By personal example, by asking tough questions and by setting a personal example in not taking the convenient and easy options ourselves, or letting them take it either.

We shall speak out, but how are we to be heard? How will we get people to join us here in this LJ community? who shall we admit and what criteria do we want for those who join? Make no mistake, if you are going to take to the streets in an anti fascist demo, or decide to be a whistleblower at work, it can land you in trouble. It can make you enemies and you have to be careful. Not just for yourself, but your associates, too. Read more...Collapse )
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